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Meteor.JS Issue, All Meteor Apps Should Use HTTPS

Well this isn’t really a Meteor.JS issue or that Meteor is at fault. But there is an known issue with HTML5 web sockets, proxy servers and firewalls. 

From How HTML5 Web Sockets Interact With Proxy Servers 

Unencrypted WebSocket Connections and Transparent Proxy Servers
In case the unencrypted WebSocket traffic flows through a transparent proxy on its way to the WebSocket server, the connection is likely to fail in practice, since the browser does not issue the CONNECT method in this case. When a proxy server forwards a request to the (WebSocket) server, it is expected to strip off certain headers, including the Connection header. Therefore, a well-behaved transparent proxy server will cause the WebSocket upgrade handshake to fail almost immediately.

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Leap Motion Quick Links & Resources

So this Thursday I attend the 2014 PayPal Battlehack it’s a great hackathon with over 10 cities around the world. This is my second year attending and like last year the event was just great and amazing.

I didn’t win but one of the cool things that I got was a Leap Motion, I wanted to put together a quick list of links and resources about the Leap Motion if your just now getting started with it or happen to get one at the Battlehack. Also stay tuned will do Battlehack wrap up post and show off our app.


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Geekcon 2013 Wrap Up

Finally getting around to wrapping up my Geekcon 2013 project and experience. First I have to say Geekcon this year was amazing, it’s only my second year attending but this year it was really good and I had a great time.

If your asking yourself what Geekcon is?
Well in short Geekcon is an annual geek weekend gathering of creating projects. Check the about page for more details and the story behind it.

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Speaking at Google Campus / The Junction “Go Viral with Guerilla Marketing Campaigns for Startups”

Here is deck from my talk at The Junction. It was great to present and I’m glad people found the information helpful.  

Speaking at The Junction

I’m going to be speaking at The Junction here is the info about my talk and the meetup well be hosted at Google Campus Tel Aviv

Go Viral with Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns for Startups
A month ago we created the Scoreoid Asset Promotion and within 24 hours we had over 5,000 tweets over 1 million Twitter Impressions, over 6,000 social referrals, trending on Reddit and so forth. All this at a cost of $230 a perfect budget for a startup.

My talk will cover what we have learned from the Scoreoid Community Asset Promotion, best practices, how to use social media, things to think about when it comes to creative guerrilla marketing for startups and finally how to go out and get users.

Bootstrap Resources For Startups And Developers

I have been using Twitter Bootstrap a lot lately and it seems Bootstrap is what everyone is using and the way to go. Not to mention Bootstrap 3 is all about mobile (catching up to Foundation

But  one thing I don’t like is the standard look, when looking for other options like themes I found some great resources.

I thought I would share what I found

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PayPal Battle Hack Wrap Up - Trash Heroes App


Back in July I attended the PayPal Battlehack Tel Aviv hackathon. It was an amazing event. I was a bit sceptical about PayPal doing a hackathon but I have to say PayPal really new what they were doing and it was an amazing event not to mention lot’s of great prizes.

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Going all in with Meteor.JS


I heard about Meteor.JS sometime ago, back when it first came out. At the time I really didn’t understand much about it but I did like the idea behind it. Especially using the same code on the client and server. 

A couple of weeks ago I decide to test out Meteor.JS, I was learning Ruby on Rails but didn’t feel that excited about it. Again I’m not much of server side program I know PHP but I love the client and my background is JavaScript and ActionScript.

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My new year resolution wait my blog resolution

My new year resolution, wait my blog resolution. 

I tried to get back to blogging sometime ago but it didn’t work giving it another go and here is my blog resolution and how I plan on doing it and yes I kept it short and simple:

  • Blog at least once every 2 week. Short, long, photo or just a link it doesn’t matter as long as it’s a post. 

  • At least once a month post a tutorial it can be about anything but mostly likely Meteor.JS more about this later.
  • Try doing at least two video tutorials, will see how that goes. 
  • Write about things I like, get excited about and that can help others. Share knowledge even if no one is reading it’s just good karma and  It’s not about “followers”.